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Studio Shoot, Home Shoot or Out On Location Shoot

Endless opportunities to capture memories for a lifetime to enjoy over and over again.

Listed below are just a few examples of the different types of photoshoot experiences I offer.  After something a bit different.  Please drop me an email or use the contact to ask and we will aim to achieve your dream.

Newborn Portrait Shoot (up to 6 weeks)

Having a child is truly a life changing event.  This tiny human being has grown inside you.  A little bit of each of you, yet unique in their own right.

This shoot is usually best within the first 14 days after the birth.  Your newborn still adopts the foetal position, generally sleeps more soundly and is easier to move into captivating positions.  Now is an ideal time to capture the innocence and exquisite features.

Please ensure you book your newborn session in advance (anytime after your 12 week scan) so we can pencil in an approximate shoot date.  I'm fully aware how unpredictable due dates can be.  Your little one will come when they are ready.  We can reschedule as necessary. 

A typical newborn session is around 2-4 hours in length, as I will work at the baby's pace allowing plenty of time for feeding, changing and soothing off to sleep.  Hopefully during the session we will have the opportunity to do images with parents and siblings.

Maternity Portrait Shoot

Being pregnant is such as special time.  Female bodies change so much throughout pregnancy.  We want to help capture the miracle of pregnancy.  During this time you are looking radiant, sensual and graceful.  This is best 28-35 weeks however; I do offer a package that will capture your bump growing throughout the pregnancy (3/4 months, 5/6 months and 7/8 months + Partner).  Please contact me to discuss your requirements further.

Baby Portrait Shoot

I love photographing babies.  I believe there is nothing more special than gummy smiles and full belly laughter.  Watching them discovering fingers, putting toes into mouth are magical moments.  At these photo shoots we may use a range of props, so why not bring along a favourite toy, special blanket, even birth tags. 

Babies grow incredible fast and we want to capture each moment to treasure.  During the first twelve months your baby will reach each milestone quickly.  Smiling, sitting, crawling, cruising and walking... lots of fun times ahead.  As I remember with my little ones, everything often passed by in a complete blur. Lets capture the moments so you can never forget.  You will enjoy sharing these with your child when they are older.  Why not join my First Year Adventures scheme. I have a studio full of a range of props including hats, headbands, braces, tutus and a small selection of outfits.  Please remember to bring along any special items you little one may have be it a favourite toy, teddy, blanket, it will help little one relax.

Coming to a new studio can be a daunting experience for a little one so when they first arrive I will give them a chance to become familiar with their surroundings and get to know them a little before the camera comes out to help them relax.

First Year Adventures Package

A series of three photoshoots over little ones first year.  A newborn photoshoot can be added to this package.

* The first stage images are at around 3/4 months when the baby is full of gummy smiles, beginning to lift and support their own head and enjoying tummy time.  This is also a lovely time to get images with mum and dad.  

 * The second stage is around 6/7 month, once little one is sitting unsupported but preferably not crawling yet.  Usually around this time we have sight of first tooth breaking through, chubby rolls and lots of fun expressive faces.  

* The final session in this package is a double session consisting of a portrait session and cake smash session.  This is usually around 12/13 months of age.  Little one is beginning to stand holding onto items or just beginning to walk unaided.  During this session we aim to bring out little ones personality.  For the second part of the session we advise you to bring along a cake (preferably with lots of soft butter icing).  During this part we encourage little one to explore the different textures and tastes of the cake.  I have plenty of wet wipes and a tin bath available and I will clean up all the mess from the cake.

Child Portrait Shoot

During this shoot my aim is to capture your child’s personality into the photos.  I will spend some time at the beginning of the shoot getting to know your little one before the camera comes out.  I am determined to get those real smiles.  I do have a range of props at the studio or that can be taken out onto location but feel free to bring along any of your own props -  do they play football, ballet, cheerleading?  Together, we will make the shoot a fun time.

Sometimes Toddlers and small children are more relaxed having the photo shoot in their own home or somewhere they are familiar with like a local park.  Lets discuss what you think will be best for your little person.

Teen Portrait Shoot

Bring out their personality.  Show their passion, be it fashion, sports or music.  Let me help them express themselves in interesting and unique ways.  I have a range of different backdrops to suit different styles.  This is also a nice idea for a birthday present or even small group birthday party..

Family Portrait Shoot

Capture the essence of your family.  Individual and group shots available.  This can be nice done out and about on location or in the studio.  It's time to capture memories.   

Individual Portrait Shoot

You are special!  Why not spoil yourself? A nice way to celebrate a special birthday.  Bring a selection of outfits.  Using a range of different set ups and styles we will create a variety of shots for you to choose from.

Couples Portrait Shoot

To celebrate engagements, valentines, an anniversary or even to just say I love you.  This is a chance to show each other how much you care and celebrate your love for one another.  This can be done in the studio or out on location.  Lets discuss what you want to achieve.

Simple Sensual Boudoir Shoot

Why not surprise... for his eyes only!  This is not brass, this is elegant, romantic and classic, tasteful, suggestive, classy yet seductive.  You do not need to get naked for these shoots.  Once again these shoots can be done in the studio, at home or out on location.  How about a nice hotel room?  I highly recommend having your hair and make up done.  I can put you in touch with local make up artists.  It is useful to have them on hand during the shoot to ensure you always look your best and help to make you glow with confidence.

Special Events

Why not hire a photographer to help capture ... Christenings, birthdays, retirements, proms, hen nights, exam results ...


Please contact me directly to discuss your requirements for an individual quotation.  Wedding packages start from £1250.  My package include an engagement shoot (1hr studio), 50 personalised guest gallery cards, coverage of two photographers from bridal prep through to mock cutting of the cake before the meal.  Online gallery to share with friends and family for two weeks.  Includes a 10x10 15 spread album and USB with the album images with printing rights (approx 60 images).  Additional coverage can be arranged for speeches, first dance and evening guests including photobooth.  Additional digital files and images can be purchased along with album upgrades and additional pages.

Commercial/Product Shoot

Help promote your business with new images ... head shots, stylised website images. 

Photographs should be displayed and cherished!

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